Trims Direct, Inc.
since 2001

"Wood Moulding Professionals"

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Our Mission:

The mission of Trims Direct is to provide quality, solid hardwood moldings and wood floor accessories to retailers of the flooring industries.

Product Codes

How to view the product code:

1. Style: (OL) Overlap or (FL) flush

2. Profile: (ST) stairnose, (SQ) squarenose, (RE) reducer, or (TM) t-moulding

3. Thickness: (04) - (12) (View sizing chart on floor mouldings or base mouldings page)

4. Species: (call for codes on Wood species for floor/base mouldings, and for vents)

5. Stain Color: (Codes on color samples)

Example: Overlap (OL) Stairnose transition (ST) with a 3/8" thickness (06) in Red Oak (SO) with a stain color of 10 (10):